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how does it work?


So, you've checked out my prices and decided you want to take another step closer to hair heaven . . . 


There are multiple factors which determine the price of your extensions, and this is where the consultation fits in.


You'll walk away knowing exactly what method is best for you, and the kind of length that you'll get the most out of!


A few things need to be analysed here - the thickness and health of your natural hair, plus your daily routine e.g. - whether you tie your hair up regularly, exercise frequently, heat-style your hair often etc.


During the consultation, this is when I will make a colour match you are 100% happy with, and many people don't realise how much can be achieved with a great match. We're on a mission to bring life back into your hair!


I always recommend clients to return for maintenance every 6-8 weeks, and I will forever stress the importance of a high quality aftercare routine to keep your hair looking beautiful and fresh for longer!


All clients are supplied with my full and shortened aftercare guides and product links, so you are completely set up and ready to take care of your new hair!

fitting appointment

After your consultation is when we get to the fun stuff!


I will aim to book you in for your fitting appointment approximately a week after your consultation, as your gorgeous new hair needs to be ordered in. On rare occasions the fitting may have to be booked for more than a week after your consultation as sometimes particular shades of extensions are not in stock.


However, I understand having extensions fitted for the first time is a very exciting experience and I will do my utmost to book you in for your fitting as soon as I can!


After your new hair extensions have been fitted, I would advise you to book your maintenance appointment as soon as possible. Booking your next maintenance at each appointment is a really good habit to get into! For new clients, it may be best to come in after 6 weeks at the most, or even earlier. This is just to check that all is well after they have first been fitted. On average, you will require require maintenance every 6-8 weeks. any longer could cause matting at the roots of your hair, and various other issues.


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