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Why Are My Hair Extension Bonds Melting/Turning White?

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

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A problem my clients sometimes experience is the bonds of their extensions 'melting'. In this instance the bonds look as if they are breaking down or splitting apart, or can turn a whitish colour.

This is due to the keratin in the hair extension bond becoming soft and melting down!

'Keratin?!' You may exclaim... However yes! Keratin is used in the production of the nano ring extensions I offer. It acts as an adhesive and is used to secure the bond onto the length part of extension and fasten the individual strands together to create one thick strand. This is all before it is even installed into your hair. A small loop at the very top of the bond is then added so it can be inserted inside the nano bead and clamped shut.

Your hair extensions should not appear 'melted' or 'broken down' if you are using correct aftercare recommended by myself! However, let's move onto some of the mistakes that can actually cause this problem to occur...

  • Excessive heat styling or applying heat too close to the bond : Keratin is an adhesive, and like other glue-based substances if it is exposed to high heat it will begin to melt and break down. This can occur if you are using hot water on your hair, using the hot setting on your blowdryer, or using your heat tool too close to the bonds when heat styling. I advise all my clients to wash their hair extensions in cold or lukewarm water and to use the coolest setting on their hairdryer, Another thing to note is when you are heat styling your extensions, it is important to keep the heat tool as far away from your roots (where the bonds are), as possible. I understand that a lot of my clients do want more volume at their roots however this can be achieved with dry shampoo. Another top tip is to be super aware of this when using waver tools as it is quite tempting to use these close to the roots of your hair. However ensure you avoid this - you can add volume at your roots beforehand with a hairdryer and some dry shampoo! Check out my tutorials page for lots of tips and tricks like this!

  • Air drying your extensions: I know, I know, we've all been tempted to let our extensions air dry after a long day. But ladies please don't do it! The hassle it will cause you in the long run is just not worth it as it may mean you will need to replace your extensions early. Although heat can be detrimental to the keratin-based bonds of your extensions, so can moisture, and the bonds being left wet for hours will just mean the keratin becomes weakened and starts to break down. This manifests in the bonds coming apart and looking 'melted'.

  • Improper/no aftercare: I know I am constantly talking about aftercare (especially to my new clients!) however this is only because it's is so important. Improper aftercare or even no aftercare at all can cause needless problems and again, may result in you needing to replace your hair extensions early. The products I recommend to my clients that are designed specifically for hair extensions will not damage the keratin in the bonds - in fact they are designed precisely to be gentle on the keratin and maintain its strength and structure. The only product that should touch your roots when washing your hair extensions is your shampoo... As even using a hair extensions specific conditioner on your bonds can cause problems! Keep the conditioner for the lengths of your extensions and the shampoo for your roots! It's also important that you wash your extensions thoroughly, make sure to massage (very gently!) around your bonds when you wash as a buildup of product can also weaken the keratin in the bonds.

  • Poor fitting: It is important to choose your technician wisely when you are considering hair extensions, as improper technique used by a hair tech can contribute to the bonds weakening. If your hair tech fits your bonds too loosely they can slide down the hair and allow water into the bond - thus causing the bond to break down over time.

I hope this post was helpful if you are struggling with melted bonds or to help you avoid this problem as a new client. If you have encountered this issue then don't stress! We can order a smaller amount of hair and refit the bonds that have melted or turned white - and you can consult this guide to avoid it happening again in the future!


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